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Buku Puji Syukur Katolik.pdf: Sumber Renungan Alkitab dan Nyanyian Liturgi

Buku Puji Syukur Katolik: A Collection of Catholic Hymns and Prayers

Buku Puji Syukur Katolik is a book that contains various hymns and prayers for the Catholic liturgy in Indonesia. It was first published in 1977 by the Indonesian Bishops' Conference and has been revised several times since then. The book is widely used by Catholics in Indonesia for their worship and devotion.

Buku Puji Syukur Katolik.pdf

The book consists of four main parts: Nyanyian Perayaan Ekaristi dan Perayaan Sabda (Songs for the Celebration of the Eucharist and the Word), Nyanyian Pujian dan Doa (Songs of Praise and Prayer), Nyanyian Litani (Litany Songs), and Nyanyian Khusus (Special Songs). The book also includes an appendix with some Gregorian chants, Latin hymns, and Indonesian folk songs.

The hymns and prayers in the book are mostly written in Indonesian, but some are also in Latin, English, or other languages. The book aims to reflect the diversity and richness of the Indonesian culture and Catholic faith. The book also incorporates some elements of the local music and art, such as gamelan, angklung, wayang, and batik.

Buku Puji Syukur Katolik is a valuable resource for Catholics who want to deepen their relationship with God through singing and praying. The book can be downloaded as a PDF file from various websites, such as Lagu Misa [^1^] or HitMizik [^2^]. The book can also be accessed online using Microsoft Sway, such as this link [^3^] or this link [^4^].

One of the most popular hymns in the book is "Tuhan Kasihanilah Kami" (Lord, Have Mercy on Us), which is sung during the Kyrie eleison part of the Mass. The hymn is based on the Misa Lauda Sion, a Latin Mass composed by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina in the 16th century. The hymn expresses the penitential and supplicatory attitude of the faithful before God.

Another well-known hymn in the book is "Pujilah Tuhan Sang Raja" (Praise the Lord, the King), which is sung during the Gloria part of the Mass. The hymn is based on the Te Deum, an ancient Latin hymn of praise and thanksgiving attributed to St. Ambrose and St. Augustine. The hymn celebrates the glory and majesty of God and his works.

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Patricias Union ou Momentos Chave do Movimento em Portugal Catalogue for Puji Syukur Katolik Buku Puji Syukur Katolik [UPD] Buku Puji Syukur Katolik [UPD] PS.php

Misa Lauda Sion (G)

Misa Kita II (G)

Misa Manado (G)

Misa Senja (G)

Misa Raya II (G)

Misa Arwah / Misa XVIII (G)

Misa Kita IV (G)

Kyrie Misa I: Paskah (G)

Gloria Misa I: Paskah (G)

Sanctus Misa I: Masa Paskah (G)

Credo (G)

Aku Percaya (G)

Tuhan Kasihanilah Kami Misa Kita II (G)

Kemuliaan Misa Kita II (G)

Tuhan Kasihanilah Kami Misa Kita IV (G)

Kemuliaan Misa Kita IV (G)

Tuhan Kasihanilah Kami Misa Manado (G)

Kemuliaan Misa Manado (G)

Tuhan Kasihanilah Kami Misa Senja (G)

Pujilah Tuhan Misa Senja (G)

Kami Memuji (G)

FirmanMu Tuhan Lentera (G)

Yesus T'lah Bersabda (G)

Firman Allah yang Tersurat (G)

Mari Kita Renungkan (G)

Sabda Tuhan Sempurna (G)

Kurenungkan SabdaMu Tuhan (G)

A third example of a hymn in the book is "Aku Percaya" (I Believe), which is sung during the Credo part of the Mass. The hymn is based on the Nicene Creed, a statement of faith that was formulated by the Councils of Nicaea and Constantinople in the 4th century. The hymn professes the core beliefs of the Catholic Church, such as the Trinity, the Incarnation, and the Resurrection.

Besides the hymns for the Mass, the book also contains hymns and prayers for other occasions, such as the Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, the Sacraments, and the Feasts of the Church. Some of these hymns and prayers are adapted from the traditional sources, such as the Psalms, the Canticles, and the Litanies. Some are composed by Indonesian authors, such as Fr. Ignatius Suharyo and Fr. Yohanes Bambang Wijanarko.

The book also includes some special songs that reflect the Indonesian culture and spirituality. For example, there is a song called "Bapa Kami yang Ada di Surga" (Our Father Who Art in Heaven), which is sung to the tune of "Indonesia Raya", the national anthem of Indonesia. There is also a song called "Bunda Maria" (Mother Mary), which is sung to the tune of "Ibu Pertiwi", a patriotic song that honors the motherland.

Buku Puji Syukur Katolik is not only a book of songs and prayers, but also a book of faith and love. It is a book that connects the Indonesian Catholics with their God, their Church, and their nation. It is a book that inspires them to live their Christian vocation in joy and gratitude.


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